minis theatre club

Musical Theatre for Children
aged 9 to 14

Closing date for new member applications
19 December 2014
New members auditions Sunday
4 January 2015 10.00am

Friday 6 February 2015
Methodist Hall, North View 6.00pm
Committee vacancies to be advised
All welcome

mini theatre club current members
First date back Friday 9 January

Who’s Who – Committee

Chairman Sally Ann Blench

Vice Chair & Child Protection Officer Kate Battersby

Secretary Julie Jones

Treasurer Cath Catton

Membership Secretary Charlotte O’Sullivan

Props Co-Ordinator Vicky Emmett-Martin

Props Co-Ordinator Bronwen Last

Costumes Co-ordinator Lucy Pope

Costumes Co-ordinator Annette Garrett-Cox

General Members Jacqui Amos and Sandie Bidwell

Production Director Lis Durbin

Choreographer Jacquie Bell

Musical Director Natasha Green

Box Office Co-ordinator Nicky Buckley

Set Co-ordinator Jon Comley